LEGO Harry Potter Toys | Magical and Mysterious Harry Potter Toys Sets | Buy Lego Harry Potter Toys Sets – Hagrid’s Hut, Hogwarts Castle, Hogwarts Express and Many More

Lego was established in year 1934 in Denmark and with the date of establishment, Lego is know for designing and producing innovative and educational toys for the kids of all age and culture. Lego was started by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Denmark citizen and he named the company by combining two Danish words “LEG and GODT” which meant “Play Well”. Lego is known for providing the quality toys that provides not only pleasure, but has huge educational benefits which is required for academic growth of kids. Lego toys are so, intellectual and interactive that they are considered to be the best source to educate and socialize the growing mind of the kids. Lego is the toys manufacturing company that has toys, which satisfies the requirement of each and everyone and their everlasting creative minds are persistently at work coming up with new designs to make sure children always have educational fun. Lego is well known for creating reputed toys of motion pictures like Star Wars, Prince of Persia, Batman and Harry Potter of fine quality and pleasure. Children really enjoy the designs of Lego movie model as it delivers the smallest facts of the movie. Lego has produced wide series of toys, targeting the kids of all age group, but among all the sets, Lego Harry Potter toys sets are highly acclaimed and accepted by the children of all age. Harry Potter is an amazing fable, and to celebrate the success of Harry Potter, Lego has brought out an original collection of Harry Potter Toys sets for gifts to please even the most serious Harry Potter buff. There are large collections of Harry Potter sets presented by Lego such as Hogwarts castle, Hagrid’s castle and several more.


Harry Potter was no doubt among the best movie series of the decade, as it enchanted whole world including kids and adults of every age and society. With the regular release of Harry Potter movies and books, it maintained its mysteries magic among the viewers around the world. People were suffering form potter mania, as they all were enchanted by the magical mysteries that were unfold in the most amazing ways, which hold the audiences for every second of the movie.  The success of Harry Potter series can be estimated from the fact that, Harry Potter series was translated in the 67 languages across the world. Since the date of release Harry Potter movies and books has been the ruling the heart of not only kids around the word, but even adult have gone mad after Harry potter’s magical spell. Harry Potter movie series were highly acclaimed by the people around the planet and this huge craze of people about the movie converted into the business of more than 30 million dollars by generating vast line of items such as Harry Potter toys, games, apparel and other items of the Harry Potter brand. Movies of Harry potter was so hit that children were addicted on the life of little Harry and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley. Lego Company grabbed the opportunity and presented the wide series of Harry potter toys based on the movies especially for those who loved Harry Potter and his friends. Movie series of Harry Potter was so interesting, that not only kids but even adult never missed a single part of Harry Potter movie or book. Lego produced vast range of superbly made Harry Potter, which suited the requirement of kids of every age and culture. provides the huge range of Lego Harry Potter toys such as Lego Harry potter freeing dobby, Lego Harry Potter hagrid’s hut, Lego Harry potter hogwarts castle, Lego Harry potter hogwart’s express, Lego Harry potter quidditch match, Lego hero factory drilldozer and many other exciting sets.

There are some very popular Harry Potter Lego sets such as the Hogwarts Castle, the Hogwarts Express, the burrow, hagrid’s hut and these sets are very attractive and generate the frequently used and well known locations in the films. Lego provides Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle which is definitely the largest of the Harry Potter sets and this castle set consists of many fabulous details that will delight and astonish you every single moment when you construct it. Harry Potter castle set is a fabulous gift for all Harry Potter lovers as it gives an amazing opportunity to discover tom riddles diary, peep into the library of Hogwarts castle, can walk through the astronomy tower, enter the clock tower, and search for the dementors and many other excitement. There are mini figures of Flitwick and Argus Filch Lord Voldemort, Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and two Dementors which can be moved into the several locations of the castle. Hagrid was a giant grounds keeper and one of the well wisher and good friend of Harry Potter, who lived in the hut that was closer to School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lego Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut is one of the most admired elements of Harry Potter sets and it’s a wonderful gift for kids and fans who loves Harry’s adventures. Amazing Hagrid’s hut is a wonderful set new generation and its absolute fun putting it together. Everything which is associated with Harry Potter is famous right now, and along with Hogwarts castle and Hagrid’s hut, Hogwarts Express is very famous among the kids. Hogwarts Express is the train that departs on yearly basis from the platform number 9 ¾, to bring all the students back to the Hogwarts castle. Lego has developed this Harry Potter Hogwarts Express in such a magnificent way that you will experience the real scene of the movie as it includes the blue car of Mr. Weasley. Along with locomotive, this set consist of mini figures of Harry and Ron along with Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy who can be place in passenger compartment.

ToysConcept is online toys store that provides educative and enjoyable toys that helps in strong and advanced mental and physical growth of your loving kid. provide the toys with the aim is to give more information to parents, who wants to improve knowledge and skills of their Kids We present the revolutionary and academic toys that continuously develop and expand the hidden genius in your loving child. ToysConcept offers the motivating and enjoyable toys that are the ideal solution for growing the knowledge in kids of every age group and community.

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Lego Duplo Toy Sets – Ideal Toys For Your Kids | Lego Toys to Encourage Imagination | Guide to Choosing LEGO Toys Online

Lego is a Danish toys manufacturing brand which was established in the year 1934 and at present, Lego is a toy brand that resembles the quality toys. Lego is Denmark based toys manufacturing company which was started by Ole Kirk Christiansen, and the name LEGO was derived by combining Danish Word “LEG GODT” that mean “Play Well”. Lego Toys are loved by not only kids but even by the parents of every age and culture as they were the most resourceful medium for the healthy mental and physical growth. Lego is the brand name that has something almost for everyone, and their eternal creative minds are persistently at work coming up with new creations to make sure kids always have educational fun. Aiming different age groups of kids, Lego introduced various themed and designer toys sets, but among all Lego Duplo line well known series of all. In the year 1960, they started manufacturing building block targeting the children of the different age groups and this brought about the Lego Duplo Building Blocks which were aimed at the youngest group of kids. This non dangerous and amazing invention was very useful as they were twice the in height, width and length as compared to the original creation, which made them more convenient for tiny hands of kids. Specially designed for the kids of various age groups, these toys were completely safe and easy to build three dimensional designs as it comprises of building instruction manuals in every box set. Introduction of Duplo brand has expanded the definite play themes. Lego introduced Duplo sets that were specially designed for toddlers with the age varying from 18 months to 5 years, which consist of eight times larger Lego bricks. Various other creations of bricks sets such as train sets, dinosaur lairs, farm and ranch themes and more are presented by Lego. Lego has partnered with many famous cartoons and other animated series such as Bob the Builder from the famous TV series and many others. These four feature Bob, Scoop and all Bob’s friends.

There are many Lego Duplo toys and LEGO Duplo Lego City Fire Station is the kind of toy that offers fun and entertainment again and again, as it contains sufficient amount of pieces for making your day interesting. The set is really well thought out with a Build a Fire Station, Fire Truck and Rescue Truck and it also includes 4 firefighter mini figures and cool accessories along with fire hydrant and a hose to put out the fires. The Fire Station set is truly well designed and kid friendly. Lego Duplo City Fir Station offers a wonderful chance to parents to enjoy time with their child, in addition to it they can pass on a few lessons about fire safety. Lego Duplo Fire station provides an opportunity to develop the skill such as organization, cooperation and allotment of tasks, negotiations, and even an occasional compromise. Lego Duplo Toys offers an opportunity of learn while you play. In the year 2009, Pixar Animation Studios announced that Lego can manufacture the sets that feature scenes and characters from their films, as part of the Duplo range. The first range released consist of scenes form the movie Toy Story and Cars which was known as Duplo Toy Story Toys. This Set Toy story toys was recommended for the kids of age three and more and was also aimed to small builders with huge imagination. Duplo pieces are larger compared to regular Lego brick, and so its easy to fix to one another. Lego launched four Toy Story Duplo Sets in May 2010 as the first wave in the stores, which range from 13 to 39 pieces at most affordable cost. Duplo Toy Story toy set consist the smallest one Jessie’s Roundup characterizes both Jessie and Bullseye, along with two larger one Alien Space Crane and The Great Train Chase. Compared to other toys available in the market, Duplo Toy Story toys are longer term investment for a child as kids can play with them for years.


Aiming the young and the beginner builder, Lego developed Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box which was for the children of age 1 to 5 years. This set also contains window frame, a little book with building guide and a wagon base with wheels. This Lego set is ideally designed for the young mind as bricks are offered come in wide range of colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black, and white that will stimulate your kid’s mind as they learn to recognize various shades. These toys are hygienic as they are washable, does not contain any lead component and as they are larger in size, it also avoids choking hazards. Building games are ideal for kids, as they help the child to learn motor skills and enhance hand and eye coordination. There Lego toys are made of vivid permanent colors and this color does not fade with the time. Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box teaches kids regarding the size and shapes as they are available in shapes such as square, rectangular, triangular and every brick has small circles at the top. Lego Duplo Bricks Box consist of various bricks boxes such as Lego Duplo Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box, Lego Bricks & More My First Lego Duplo Set, Lego Bricks & More Builders Of Tomorrow Set, Lego Duplo Green Baseplate, Lego Blue Building Plate, Lego Bricks & More Airport Building Set and many more. There is no worry about loosing the pieces of the brick box as this set are packed in a big plastic tub with a transparent lid which helps you to keep all the bricks in one place. Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box is educational and enjoyable for not only kids but even for parents.

Lego is the most valuable name in the toys world as it has put lots of efforts in designing and manufacturing quality toys sets for the kids of every age and group. Lego toys educate and entertain for years and it also develops hand eye coordination and creative design. LEGO Toys are easy yet acceptable in nature as of their design and attractive color blend, which you wouldn’t get with any other toy. Since the date of its establishment Lego has designed and manufactured hundreds of toys and play sets over the year that comprises of City Harbor, medieval castles, robots, and Ninjago Toys and lots of other inventive toys. The company proved huge potential and advance its supremacy in the toy market by partnering with companies that own super franchises such as Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Star Wars, and, of course, Batman. Today, Lego is one of the most renowned kid’s toys manufacturing company in the whole world and all this started from a bunch of plastic blocks.

ToysConcept is online toys store that provides educative and enjoyable toys that helps in strong and advanced mental and physical growth of your loving kid. provide the toys with the aim is to give more information to parents, who wants to improve knowledge and skills of their Kids We present the revolutionary and academic toys that continuously develop and expand the hidden genius in your loving child. ToysConcept offers the motivating and enjoyable toys that are the ideal solution for growing the knowledge in kids of every age group and community.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by ToysConcept are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.


Melissa and Doug Musical Toys For Fun And Learn | Musical Toys Make For a Playful Learning Environment | Shop For Musical Toys Online

Melissa and Doug toys are a finest reward for your loving kid as all of the Melissa and Doug toys are the best learning means and are brilliantly designed. There are an ample selection of varied toys for all of the different ages and stages of childhood. Melissa and Doug toys includes a collection of vast variety of toys counting classic toys, puzzles, puffy animals, food play, arts and crafts, baby and toddler toys, games, puppets, trains and many more. Melissa and Doug consist of a inventive collection of toys to help your kid’s mental growth. Your kid and you can enjoy playing with toys. Melissa and Doug is the capable name in the toys manufacturing companies all around the globe. As they are indulged in this trade since last numerous decades, they easily identify the need of toys for satisfaction. They manufacture not only entertainment and comical toys, but are known for the manufacturing of educational toys that build ups your Child’s brilliance. No matter what you choose from Melissa and Doug toys, excellence with fun will be an assurance. Melissa and Doug toys collection has developed over the years by vast total. This toy company started out with the vision to make class toys as there was nothing available. The company was established by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in their basement in the year1988 and after that, everyone is aware about the uprising that passed in the field of toys. Melissa & Doug have crafted the useful toys and they are on the work of creating the toys that produces the smile on the face of every kid. Toys were produced with the purpose to make every customer a happy and permanent member of the Melissa & Doug family. The toys produced at Melissa & Doug, are enormously inspiring, educative and encouraging for the young generation around the planet.


Toys are the best pal of the kids and so, Kids love to spend time with the toys and hence for their entertainment, there are huge varieties of toys offered by the numerous toys manufacturing companies in the market. Each and every toy has their own educational and entertaining values, and so they all have importance in healthy growth of child. Every toy looses their value after certain interval of time, but still there are some toys like Musical Toys that still have important parts in the growth of child. Music is loved by all and music offers the kind of relaxation and peace to mind and body to the individual of all age and group. Kids also love music and gets excited on listening the music, and so the best way to enhance a love of music in our children is to set up them to excellent quality musical toys from an early age. Along with listening to music, kids also love to compose music and this increases their creativity. Musical instrument has a positive consequence on young developing brains, and so not only your children will have pleasure but they’ll also develop their abilities in additional areas just by listening to music and by playing an instrument. Compared to other toys, musical instruments toys have the potential to last for a lifetime, not just the durability viewpoint, but also with the enlightening qualities for the rest of your child’s life. Along with the educational importance, musical instrument toys can introduce your children to the importance of art and artistry through music.

At, there are vast varieties of musical instrument toys for kids of all age, ranging from infants to teenagers. searches wide selection of musical toys and chooses some of the branded and best selling musical toys for your child. Several branded musical instruments toy such as Melissa & Doug Grand Piano, Melissa & Doug Learn To Play Piano, Melissa & Doug Beginner Band Set, Abc Melody Maker, Melissa & Doug Musical Instruments Sound Puzzle and many more. Buying musical instruments toys for the kids can get the chance to not only spur the kids’ interest in music, but also may lay the first step on the path of successful musical career. Moreover, several researches have shown that early exposure to musical instruments toys can improve certain brain functions in children. Kids exposed to musical instruments toys are found to be smarter and have developed far better spontaneous reasoning skills than those who didn’t get that advantage. Musical toys offered by ToysConcept are appealing and visually eye-catching with good design and bright colors that not only makes kids feel good to play and but also encourage active playing.

With the arrival of the baby in the family, responsibility of parents ultimately increases as they have to take care of kids in each and every aspect of life, along with providing educative and smart toys. Buying appropriate toys for children is always a daunting task for parents, but this task can be converted in fun and enjoyable experience if you are buying toys from One of the best things about buying toys from ToysConcept is that there are different ways to search for the perfect toys. You can explore the toys by type of toy, age group and a number of other categories. As the responsibility for quality toys falls on the shoulder of the parents, ToysConcept offers the toys of worlds famous brands, which are made of materials that are safe for your kids. ToysConcept is an online toy store that provides you with an opportunity to study first the toys available so that you will learn a lot of details through the description of the toy. Buying toys online at toysconcept is a great experience; as you don’t have to worry about spending lots of time in malls and shops trying to find something that your children will love. opens up the new world of toys with the huge varieties of branded toys such as Melissa & Doug, Lego, Battat, Educo and many more. Choosing to buy toys at ToysConcept can make a lot of sense, if you’re short of time or you’re searching for something that’s bit special. have a wide range of appealing, stimulating kids toys for all ages, with traditional, education and exclusive toys more easily.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by ToysConcept are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.


Melissa and Doug Toys – Great Quality And Durable | Melissa & Doug Learning Games and Magic Trick Sets – Promote Cognitive Development | Melissa and Doug Toys

Melissa and Doug toys are a great gift for your loving kid as all of the Melissa and Doug toys are the finest learning tools and are beautifully designed. There are a wide variety of diverse toys for all of the different ages and phases of childhood. Melissa and Doug toys comprises a collection of huge variety of toys including classic toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, food play, arts and crafts, baby and toddler toys, games, puppets, trains and much more. Melissa and Doug Toys consist of a resourceful collection of toys to assist your child’s mental grow. Your child and you can take pleasure in playing with toys. Melissa and Doug is the promising name in the toy developing companies all around the earth. As they are indulged in this business since last many decades, they best identify the requirement of toys all around the planet for the satisfaction. They deal with the innovation and generating of not only entertainment and comical toys, but are recognized for the manufacturing of educational toys that develops your kids with excellence. No matter what you chose from Melissa and Doug toys, quality and fun will be a certainty. Melissa and Doug toys selection has grown over the years by huge amount. This toy company started out with the dream to produce class toys because there were none existing. The company was founded by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in their basement in the year1988 and after that, the world is aware about the revolution that passed across the planet in the field of toys. Melissa & Doug have donated their valuable time in crafting the useful toys and they are on the job of creating the toys that produces the smile on the face of every human being earth. This smart and cool duo of husband and wife generated a line of toys that are not only fresh and tough are also educational and brilliant. Toys were produced by the Melissa & Doug with the intention to make its each and every customer a happy and permanent member of the Melissa & Doug family. This pair of husband and wife was presented various awards for the generating of the abundant masterpieces of toys by the top parenting magazines. Toys wear not only planned and produced but, were also taken care of material and design of the toys that would be a user friendly and harmless to kids and infant. The toys produced at Melissa & Doug, were extremely inspiring, educative and encouraging for the young generation around the planet.


The Melissa and Doug Company is a formed by husband and wife and it has completed more than 20 years in providing quality children’s products that have helped form lasting memories. Each and every product created by Melissa and Doug provide a valuable educational experience for young minds just learning about the world and their place in it. There are wide varieties of educational toys and games available at Melissa and Doug for healthy mental and physical growth of your loving kid. Melissa and Doug Games are not only the source of entertainment but are much more than playthings for children. These quality products by Melissa and Doug helps kids to learn to play games, children modify other life abilities like cooperating with others, way of thinking, decision-making and out come of choices. Games offer hours of educative play and as small kids become grown-up; their game choice tends to become more multifaceted and active oriented. This is the reason, games from Melissa & Doug Toys begins with the classics and expands to complex games that are best for your kids’ absolute mental growth. Memory games by Melissa and Doug is the game which is suitable for the kids of all age and society. provide the widest collection of the Melissa and Doug Learning games such as Melissa & Doug Sandwich Stacking Games, Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Hangman, Melissa & Doug Block Balancing Games, Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Bingo, Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Memory and many more quality games. Educational values are unique and there’s no additional charge for the pleasure that your kids will receive from the toys and they grow to cherish.


Melissa and Doug also deals in the manufacturing of creative and amazing magic tricks set, with the help of which your child can surprise and surprise their friends with feats of magic. provides the huge collection of Melissa and Doug magic tricks sets which can help your child make the unbelievable happen. provides Melissa and Doug Discovery Magic Set as this wooden magic trick set has four easy to learn tricks that any new magician can learn. This magic set consist of tricks and illusions such as the Magic Jewel Box, the thread that changes color just in front of everyone’s eyes, the Chamber of Illusions, and the Sword and the Stone. This is an astonishing magic set for a child to own and perform with. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set is another master piece which comprises of ten tricks and this magic set is put collectively very nicely. It consists of some mind reading tricks, that aren’t that ordinary in magic kits geared towards kids. It also comprises a change bag and a multi-colored scarf, two tools that magicians uses. Another superb magic set from Melissa and Doug is the Incredible Illusion Magic Set, as it’s the funny way for a little magician to boost confidence in them, and mounting their motor skills. This magic set consists of 5 tricks that are ready to astonish the spectators. This magic set consist of magic tricks such as the Wizards Wonder, the Mystery Cube, the notorious Dragon Den, the Magical Box and the glasses that make things disappear. Apart from this there are many other many magic sets offered by Melissa and Doug that are best to set your kid as young magician.

Toys are the everlasting part and best pal of kids during the childhood days and should be taken care that kids are offered with the inventive and resourceful toys, which improves their complete mental and physical growth. Online Toys Market is greatly poured with the Hundreds of toys selling stores, but very few are indulged in the sincere business of intellectual and physical growth of your loving child. Focusing and accepting the need of smart and intelligent toys of present generation; TOYS CONCEPT is glad and happy to provide the superior and most attractive version branded toys at most reasonable price. At, there are numerous collections of branded and educative toys. Theses toys will support your kids reading and numerical literacy and will also enhance some basic Skills, which assist children to learn and reinforce such important skills as telling time, phonics, and handwriting. also provides huge varieties of toys that offer a pleasurable means to learn professionally. Along with the educational toys, other sources such as books, educational games, animated movies and toys are also supportive in crafting young minds.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by ToysConcept are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.


Hape Educo Toys – Boost Communal And Educational Abilities Of Your Child | Hape Magnetic Mazes, Puzzles, Role Play, Doll Houses | Hape International Toys

Toys are the everlasting part for cheerful and brilliant childhood days. Since early time to current, Children of each culture love to enjoy with toys and these toys have helped in the children’s healthy and stable mental and physical growth. Looking back into your childhood days, the only humorous and wonderful memory of your life that fetches smile on our face with tears of gladness is the memory of our childhood days. During the childhood days, besides the naughty mischief, toys are the initial thing that we miss a lot. Playtime is measured to be a vital element, which plays an essential role in complete development of your loving kids. Toys innocently develop the skills of the social awareness and it also generates a feeling of care and also develops numerous other required qualities for an ideal citizen. Plentiful toys producing companies are present in the world, but very less are having the capability to create the value toys that are required for the present generation. HAPE is a toy manufacturing brands that is indulged in toys manufacturing since last several decades and best realizes the requirement of the toys. HAPE toys are entertaining, and also are capable of expanding communal and educational abilities into your loving kids. HAPE Toys are considered to be the key factors as it boosts your kid’s desire, creativity and imaginative.


Parents are always searching for the best and beneficial toys for their loved one, and they make several attempts in search of best toys. Parents understand that it’s never too early to start teaching their kids and so, they are searching the toys that are not only fun but also provides educational importance. Making your children learn about fine motor skills and patience is a wonderful mode of teaching them and magnetic maze toys is the great toys to enhance his educational qualities. Magnetic maze toys are specially designed to boost the mind setup for the kids of age 3 and more. Children will find great excitement instead of frustration and will learn several lessons. Basically, magnetic maze toys consist of magnetic pointer, with the help of with your child can pick up small metal ball and guide it around the track. Magnetic maze toys are the basic introduction to science so that you can encourage your child to imagine critically and to question why the things happens the way it does. Maze toys will increase your kid’s ability to use fine motor skills and will also help your child with his hand and eye coordination. provides the huge collection of Educo Maze toys at the most affordable prices at the comfort of your house. ToysConcept provides Maze toys such as Spaghetti Legs Table by Educo, Educo Colorback Sea Turtle Bead Maze, Educo Lighthouse of Fun Activity Table, Educo Tunnel Mountain Wire Maze, Happy Trails Magnetic Sand Table by Educo, Monster Mountain Table by Educo and numerous others. For playing with the educo maze toys, your child will need to find the best way through maze and so these toys are ideal in the terms of visual tracing. These toys can be played both singly and along with the company and even these toys do not have any loose part, so there is no chance of loosing parts of maze toys. Educo maze toys, are very well design, comfortable in size and it brings educational values and peace in life.


Present generations is growing up at an extremely fast speed and they are copying their mother, father or any other persons or character around them and want to be like them. They find it exciting and get fascinated by emulating adults around them. This is the normal stage in a Childs life, and so it should be encouraged by providing them relative toys so that they start learning the stage of life. When the child is engaged with the role play toys, they get an opportunity to act like someone else and this helps them to develop some basic skills of life such as social and emotional skills. There are several skills that are developed by the role play toys, and these skills will help them for lifetime in finding creative solutions to problems. Educo offers huge series of innovative and creative series of role play toys such as Educo by Hape International Park n’ Go Garage, Educo By Hape Doll House Modern Family-ethnic, Educo Bbq And Shish Kabob Cookout Set, Educo My Practical Tool Set, Educo Discovery Spaceship And Lift Off Rocket and many more at Role play toys facilitate child to understand and solve the complicated condition in the day to day life. Role play toys can be played with so many different ways and children naturally develops the varieties of skills such as, it improve social skills, improves language development and communication and the most important, it develops cognitive thinking and problem solving abilities in kids.


Hape Educo is extremely famous toy brand among the parents all around the world as they produce the toys that help the growth responsible citizen of the society. There are widest varieties toys created by Hape and each of them guarantees the class and pleasure. Along with the several other valuable toys creation, Hape has mastered in the manufacturing of doll houses for kids of every age and every society. Doll Houses are among the most helpful innovations because dollhouses are sturdy and offer a wonderful play to the children of every age group. Doll Houses are a motivating play set for kids and therefore kids can use up many hours on their own, and with companions, keeping their dolls in the comfortable places, at the study table, or at the bed room or any new place of their choice. Once the Dollhouses are offered to toys, it become the source of endless possibilities, and these dollhouses play will improve their thinking ability, problem solving aptitude and improve their communal skills through communication with others. provides the huge collection of many master piece Hape Educo Dollhouses, such as Educo By Hape Welcome Dream house -complete With Furniture, Educo All Season House Empty, Educo By Hape Doll House Living Room, Educo By Hape Doll House Dining Room, Educo Modern Kitchen, Educo By Hape Doll House Bathroom and numerous other attractive and innovative series of dollhouses. These dollhouses are sufficient big in size that kid’s tiny hands can play with its several opening and even facilitate the play of several children in the house at the same time.


Puzzles toys are among the most entertaining and valuable toys around the globe and they have been proved to be the most helpful tool for the parents who want their kid to be smart and intellectual. Puzzles not only offer an exclusive kind of pleasure, but it also has academic importance, and so they are admired all around the globe. Puzzles offers various mental and physical benefits such as it helps in the creative motivation, perfect hand and eye coordination, problem solving skills and the most important it grants value time together. Imaginative powers of Kids is enhanced by puzzles, as they are challenged from the first piece to the last piece of the puzzle and they have to acquire most excellent strategy for the fitting the pieces together. Hape Educo is well known for manufacturing creative and educative puzzles such as Educo Emergency Vehicles Peg Puzzle, Educo Farm Peg Puzzle, Educo Abc Matching Puzzle, Educo Zoo Animals Knob Puzzle, Educo Farm Animals Stand-up Wood Puzzle and many more quality puzzles. provides Hape Educo puzzles that are of finest quality and at most economical price. The beginner’s puzzles consist of lesser pieces of puzzles and it grows up to 50 pieces depending upon aptitude and smartness. These puzzles help parents to teach their children about variety of subjects such as domestic and wild creature, ocean life, earth geography, Rain Forest Floor Puzzle and countless others. There are several positive features of puzzles and the entire features consist of some interesting and memorable designs which will motivate your loved ones brain. With the support of these puzzle toys; a child can also convey his imagination and creativity. provides Educo puzzles in all shape and sizes so that it becomes easy for kids play and get entertained for longer period of time.

For the latest deals on the hottest toys around, that your kid will love, visit, as it is among the quickly flourishing online toys store that specializes in customers demand and swiftly offers the toys of their need. Toysconcept understands the consequence of toys in a kid’s life and therefore, it provides finest and branded educational toys for luminous growth of your children. Toys provided are made up of non-toxic materials that are harmless, thus no need for parents to get fear about the quality of toys. Toysconcept provides the toys of prominent brand such as Melissa & Doug, Lego, Hape, Battat and many others. Variety of quality and academic toys are offered by Toysconcept such as spongy and delicate Plush Toys, soft and colorful First Play Soft Toys, Musical Instruments Wooden Train and Vehicle Sets and numerous others. Toysconcept provides the huge range of Hape toys for the shining and total growth of your kids.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by ToysConcept are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.


Buy Melissa And Doug Dollhouse – Victorian Doll House, Caucasian Family, Black Family, Asian Family And Dollhouse Furniture | Melissa And Doug Dollhouse And Accessories For Kids And Preschooler

Melissa and Doug are among the prominent and promising name in the toys designing and manufacturing companies all around the earth. As they are into this business since last several decades, and they best realize the requirement of toys all around the society for the shopper satisfaction. They deal with the designing and manufacturing of not only entertainment and humorous toys, but are also recognized for the creating educational toys, which enhance your kid’s excellence. No matter whatever you pick from Melissa and Doug toys, quality and fun will be a guarantee. Melissa and Doug toys collection has grown over the years by huge amount. This outstanding toy company started its journey with the dream to produce standard toys, as there were none existing. The very first toy was a fuzzy farm puzzle. Being world’s most promising toys manufacturing company, Melissa & Doug deals in the designing and manufacturing numerous educational and entertainment toys, which has changed the way of thinking and living of the young generation. Melissa and Doug Toy Company was established in the year1988, by the duo of husband and wife in their basement. Melissa and Doug Bernstein are responsible for the revolution that came into the toys market. Melissa & Doug have given their valuable time and creativity in producing the useful toys and they are on the job of manufacturing the toys that produces smiles on the face of every human being. This duo of husband and wife produced the line of toys that were not only entertaining, but also were also having huge educational values. At Melissa and Doug toys were designed and crafted with the intention to make each and every child a happy and everlasting member of the Melissa & Doug family. Toys are not only designed and manufactured but, even care regarding material and design, so that toys are user friendly and harmless to kids and infant. There are plenty of smart toys offered by Melissa and Doug, but doll houses are still holding their place in the heart of parents and kids. Melissa and Doug Doll House has the capacity to refresh the memories of childhood for many parents and they are crafted out of solid wood for longevity and durability, so years of delight without break.

Melissa and Doug Doll House:-

Melissa and Doug are highly admired toys manufacturing company by the parents all around the world because they are the only toys producer that helps the growth responsible citizen of the society. There are widest varieties toys produced by Melissa and Doug and each of them guarantees the quality and fun. Doll House is one of the most beneficial innovations at Melissa and Doug, as dollhouse as sturdy and offers a perfect play to the kids of every age and group. Doll House is an interesting play set for kids of all ages and hence kids can spend many hours on their own, and with pals, placing their dolls in the relaxed places, at the dining table, or at the kitchen or any other place of their choice. There are endless possibilities with doll house and this role play will enhance their thinking capacity, problem solving ability and boost their social skills through interaction with others. Entrance or playing openings are adequate big for children’s tiny hands to play and as there are several opening, it facilitates the play of many children to play in the house at the same time. There are many master piece of doll house presented by Melissa and Doug, and one among them is Victorian Doll House. Specially designed for the kids of age 6 and above, Victorian Dollhouse is a beautifully decorated piece with a scale of 1:12. This doll house represents the true Victorian era, both internally and externally, and excellent quality dollhouse can be cherished for coming generation.

Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse is the perfect choice for the kids and preschooler, which features 5 large rooms, 2 changeable staircases, 5 working exterior doors, and 19 pieces of hand-painted furniture. A portable 2-storey Furnished Doll House consist 18 solid wooden furniture, a doll family of four, a detachable atrium with balcony, and characteristics hinged and sliding doors that work. The Melissa and Doug Wooden Furnished Dollhouse are made of very good quality wood and fine, spongy fabric. The Melissa and Doug Wooden Deluxe Furnished Dollhouse are made of finest quality material and with four colorful dolls, 18 unique pieces of furniture. Smooth sliding opening doors, several windows, and large size openings permits relocation of the furniture and dolls to be carried out with no trouble and in total safety. You can choose from any set such as Caucasian Family Doll House, Black family and Asian family. Melissa and Doug doll houses are well designed and constructed, flexible, enjoyable and safe to use product. provide the widest collection of Melissa and Doug toys such as Arts and Crafts Supplies, Melissa and Doug Building Blocks, Floor Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzles, Classic Puzzles, Games and Toys, Dollhouses and Accessories, Melissa and Doug First Play Soft Toys and Wooden Toys, Puppets and Stuffed Animals and whole range of Melissa and Doug toys for kids. With the presence huge varieties of toys at toysconcept, being parents you can be confident that your children would not end up without toys to play. All these toys are long lasting, with finest quality and at most affordable price provides the toys that will pass the trial of time, so that parents can give their child years of delight. Buying toys for children should occupy serious consideration because toys play a significant role in the growth of kids. Toys at Toysconcept come with the perfect combination of fun and education, and it also assure the safety of children as toys are made of eco friendly material. Toys are needed for the sound development of kids as they improve their spatial analysis skills, promote creativity, enhance their way of communication with other children, and advance their memory. At you can buy affordable and long lasting toys online for all age groups at very affordable rates. Toys are offered in an ample variety of colors and styles you could choose, depending on your financial plan and for younger children or for skilled hobbyists.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.

Accents and Accessories


Melissa and Doug Plush Toys – Soft and Cuddly | Plush Toys of Wild Animals, Pet Animals, and Prehistoric Animals | Widest Collections of Melissa and Doug Plush Toys

Everyone of us has played with the toys during our childhood days and that was the most beautiful time of our life. At present there are varieties of toys available in the market, but among all plush toys are still ruling the heart of the kids and even parents. Not only for the kids play, but even plush toys is the prefect gift for loved ones. There are hundreds of other entertainment and educational toys available in the market but still plush toys are very much adored by everyone because of their style, color, shape and cuteness. Along with the cuteness, plush toys also enhance the mind of child that no other toys offer. Plush toys are not only toys, but they are the best friend of your baby, that will be always there for your baby. Plush toys stills rules the list of toys for babes and kids because Squeezable soft and charming, plush baby toys are hard to resist. When we talk about the plush toys, the first name that appears in our mind is that of Melissa and Doug. Melissa and Doug is the name that brings smiles on the face of not only kids, but even on the face of parents, because this duo of husband and wife has never let anyone down in the collection of educational and funny toys. Melissa and Doug Plush toys are produced with the finest quality of the material with no sharp edges or corners that are harmless everyone. Melissa and Doug toys are as soft and smooth as they are claimed to be, and that’s the reason why they are beloved to kids and teenagers. At one or more instance, we all enjoyed our childhood days with plush toys and with the presence of brand name such as Melissa and Doug, one thing is sure that our kids and future generation is also going to enjoy with the same. No matter with whatever is the age is of your kid, Melissa & Doug offers many plush toys to make them happy and excited. Since the origin, plush toys are never gone out of the style or fashion, and will never go out of fashion as new and exciting plush toys are poured in every year. Melissa and Doug are among the leading toys manufacturing company and they provide widest range of plush toys such as that of wild animals, pet animals, adorable animals and prehistoric animals. provides the widest collections of Melissa and Doug Plush toys, which are wonderful, solid, long-lasting and offer years of enjoyment for your children.

Wild Animals Plush Toys:-

There are vivid collections of the wild animal’s plush toys and in the entire collection; giraffe plush toy is the biggest with the height of 4feet. Everyone of us loves wild life and even wild animals, but most of us never had an opportunity to have closer look of forest life. Plush wild animal toys offer parents a great prospect to teach their children regarding these amazing forest creatures. With help of these plush toys, kids can learn about the living of wild life and unknowingly they get closer to wild animals. At ToysConcept, wild animal plush toys are offered in various sizes and are ideal plush toys to cuddle and hug. Wild animal plush toys include animal collection such as Giraffe, Penguin, Tiger, Lion, Alligator, Sea Turtle, White tiger, Panda, Chimpanzee, Cheetah, Dolphin, and Orangutan. There are some prehistoric animal’s plush toys available such as Dinosaurs and a dragon from mythical times included in this collection. These toys will be adored by the kids, as they are collectable and is often seen as a ‘fashion trend’. Several observations have concluded that, allowing your children to play with plush toys will facilitate them in better imagination, enhanced mental strength and finest creativity. These plush toys are the all-time beloved to everyone, whether they are children or adults and these plush toys can vary in shape and size. They are the most popular form of plush toys and manufactured with more eco-friendly materials and they are very attractive due the selection of attractive colors.

Pet Animals Plush Toys:-

Kids now days have huge array of toys that they can play with such as traditional figure toys manufactured from child-safe plastic, the soft toys also called plush toys. These plush toys are stuffed with something like cotton or feathers that can make the toy soft and cuddly. The only condition is that the toys should have that soft and cuddly feel to it and it should furnish the child a very comfortable feel to it. Plush Pet Dogs are often made out of plush materials and there are numerous different breeds in this collection counting the Yellow Labrador, Shetland Sheepdog, German Shorthaired Pointer, Husky, Golden Retriever, Miniature Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, West Highland Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pomeranian, Black Labrador, English Bulldog, Bichon Frise, Dachshund, Basset Hound, Chihuahua, Border Collie, Shih Tzu, Boxer, German Shepherd, and many more. All these plush toys are available in various shapes of various different animals, colors, sizes, fabrics, and materials to choose from. Some other popular animals include horses, panda, dolphin, kittens, chimpanzee and monkeys. Domestic animals are very cute as plush toys. provides best quality and cute Melissa and Doug plush toys at reasonable price. There are hundreds of plush toys present at ToysConcept and they all are available in the shape of diverse animals, attractive colors, and adorable designs. Individual of every age appreciates plush toys because they’re cute.

Adorable Plush Toys:-

Stuffed toys are the child’s delightful companion. Even before the several decades, adorable pieces of plush toys were handmade by parents for their children and so, plush toys have remained the great hit as far as toys are concerned. There are numbers of reasons for the popularity and success of these toys such as appealing and cuddly cuteness, comfortable to play for the kids of all age, durable and easy maintenance and countless other reasons. Plush Toys are perfect toys for kids of all age, because they are harmless, simple to hug and stop kids from crying. Plush toys can develop the ability of caring and helping to those who are surrounding them. Plush toys also develop kid’s imagination and help in forming loving and caring environment, attitudes and enthusiasm to being caring. There are varieties of adorable plush toys such as Plush Panda, Plush Teddy Bear, Plush Penguin, Plush Dragon and many more.

Melissa and Doug is the most renowned name in the toys designing companies all around the globe. They best value the requirement of toys all around the world for the customer pleasure. They deal with the designing and manufacturing of not only entertainment and amusing toys, but are well identified for the producing of educational toys that build your kids with excellence. A plush toy is often a stuffed toy which is made of a cotton stuffing with velvet and other textile stuffs forming the external layer. Complete toy is stitched together to generate a virtually harmless, colorful looking item which children often take pleasure in playing with. Plush toys are generally considered as a children’s friend. There are numerous advantages of plush toys, starting from educational benefits to just being a decorative object in a kid’s room. They can repeatedly comfort a child at the times of requirement and make a child feel protected and safe. Buy plush toys for your loved ones and it can assure you that they will adore them and hang on to them for the rest of their lives. Regardless of what you select from Melissa and Doug Plush toys, quality and enjoyment will be a guaranteed. Melissa and Doug Plush Toys collection has expanded over the years by huge amount.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by ToysConcept are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.


Educational Toys – Must For Optimal Childhood Growth | Guide To Choose Educational Toys For Kids | Best and Branded Educational Toys For Your Children

Children are the biggest responsibility of parents across the world, because care has to take of each and every requirement of children for their healthy and sound growth. Healthy mental and physical growth is extremely necessary because present world is full of competition and your kids should be prepared, both mentally and physically, to face the upcoming challenges of world. Children’s are the most important member of the family and hence every care has to be taken about their happiness and joy along with their study. Every kid around the world is found happy when they are playing with the toys, but parents want their kids to be smarter and intelligent, and so they force their kids to study. The basic and the only solution that satisfies the requirement of both parents and children are educational toys. Educational toys are best for the kids as they boost the mental growth of your kid and help them to smarter. Educational toys offer entertainment and education to the children about different qualities necessary for life. Every parent loves help out their kids to attain the skills that are necessary to cope in the world as they grow up and educational toy is one that helps the child to develop skills of some kind. With the increase in the demand of educational toys, market today is fully loaded with the number of educational toys with several local and branded names. Because of their educational values, educational toys are extremely adored by the parents whether they are rich or poor, living in city of village. There are wide varieties of quality educational at reasonable price that are safe, durable and are made of eco friendly materials. provides widest collection educational of world famous brands such as Lego, Melissa & Doug, Battat and several others. Educational toys consist of storybooks, learning activity kit, construction toys, puzzles, mind games, kits and baby toys and many more. All this Educational Toys are carefully designed and crafted to make your kid sharper and smarter. provides the Educational toys that are exclusively manufactured to motivate development regarding specific objectives, generally counting, way of talking, body language, distinguishing and responding.


One of the ancient and effective modes of making your children smart is to offer them educated and intellectual toys during early childhood days. It’s among the most important responsibilities of parents to provide their kids with the appropriate educational toys because the quality of knowledge and kids growth depends on the toys with which they play. In the terms of branded educational toys, Lego is widely adored by the parents all around the globe. Lego Educational Toys are specially designed to expand you child starter with mind while elongating their thoughts and enlightening their ability for creativity. ToysConcept provide the wide varieties of Logo educational toys such as Lego Bricks, Lego Technic, Lego Games, Lego Creator, Lego Racers Tiny Turbos, Lego MindStorm and many more. Lego Educational toys not only help kids to develop their imagination and creativity but also develop their problem solving ability. Lego is the toys manufacturing company which was established in 1932 and at present it the fifth largest toys manufacturing company for kids. Lego has established its name in the toys market because of its quality and durable toys build for the children of all ages. Just because of Lego, anyone can build Star Wars Galaxy, by collecting numerous Lego sets. There are wide varieties of toy building sets out there that parent can buy for their child. Even parents can join these toys along kids and build the structures and spend quality and valuable time with their kids.


Melissa and Doug, started in 1988, and now they are ruling the toys world with more than 1000 exclusive and exciting ranges of products that divides in to various categories such as puppets, plush toys, puzzles, magnetic, musical and numerous others. Along with all these categories Melissa and Doug is the leading producer of the best and unique educational toys that helps in the excellent mind building of kids. Melissa and Doug have come up a long way and have won several reputed awards for the creating innovative toys. This duo of husband and wife specializes in manufacturing quality educational toys that motivates, educates, and enhances growth and learning in children. offers the huge varieties of Melissa and Doug Educational toys such as Beginning Skills and Activities, Magnetic Activities, Floor Puzzles, Play Food, Fresh Start Puzzles, Favorite Classic Puzzles, Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles, Arts & Crafts Kits and many more other. Melissa and Doug also offer the huge array of other educational toys for the kids of all ages such as the Sunny Patch Outdoor Lifestyle, Mine to Love Dolls and Accessories, Trains and Vehicles, Room Decor, Classic Toys, Arts and Crafts, Stuffed Animals and Toys, Baby and Toddler Toys, Castles, and Toys, Games and Pretend Play, Puppets and Theaters, Classroom Supplies, and several other items. With thousands of wonderful toys crafted by Melissa and Doug, one thing is guaranteed that your kid will always find something to play. provides quality Melissa and Doug Toys at a most reasonable at price and is strong and last long, even if you pass them from one sibling to another.


Every parent around the world loves to see their children happy and enjoying and even happy childhood is very much necessary for the healthy growth of children. It is observed that behind every successful man, there is a happy childhood because happy childhood contributes improvement and development of children. Luckily, there are Toy Companies such as Hape that truly understand the requirement of educational and intellectual toys for the present generation. Hape international designs the toys with the wise purpose of providing entertainment with education so that kids enjoy and learn at the same time. Hape Toys tenders plenty of other advantages for mental and physical growth. Hape offers the wide varieties of educational toys such as building blocks, toy pianos, railroads, model airplanes, word and jigsaw puzzles and robot kits which are educational and simultaneously kids love to play with them. Other toys include Games, Puzzle, Role Play, Tower, Vehicles, Beleduc, Educo, and Anamalz. Educational Toys can make learning FUN and if your kid is enjoying and having good time while playing, they are going play more therefore they can learn more. Hape educational toys are important for child’s development because it enhances your kid’s ability to learn new things and it’s the best gift that a parent can give to their child. Hape Educational toys are specially designed to teach, to encourage intellectuality, and to help out with mental and physical improvement. Educational toys guide a kid regarding some specific theme and assist a kid to develop some specific skill.

It’s a complete myth now days that toys are just for the entertainment of the kids, because it has been concluded by several observation that they help the learning and development method of the child. Educational Toys is the category of toys that helps you children to learn something that helps in the better mind growth and develops him as responsible citizen of the society. A minute observation has been done by the toys manufacturing companies in the toys market that more and more parents are interested in buying varieties of educational toys for their kids. This requirement of educational toys in the market has given rise to the new and intellectual educational toys whole new concept of helping your child learn and grow even while playing. During their early years, children learn more as kids plays with the toys they grab new skills and enhance this creativity. provides large varieties of toys that provide an enjoyable means to learn efficiently. Along with the educational toys, other sources such as books, educational games, animated movies and toys are also helpful in shaping young minds. Educational toys are very effective tool for making your kid imaginative and creative, and it also stimulates child’s mental power for innovative thinking.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by ToysConcept are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.


World of the Wooden Toys – Wooden Puzzles, Doll Houses, Animal Toys, Traditional Wooden Toys | Educative Wooden Toys from Best Brands – Melissa & Doug, Hape, Battat

For each and every child around the world, playing is the most important part of their day to day activity because playing enhances Childs mental and physical endurance. For kids, playing plays a significant role in their growing process, and most important every child around the world enjoys some sort of game no matter that is mental or physical. With the presence of hundreds of toys categories in the virtual and online market, wooden toys are still considered to be the oldest and the most significant one. Since the origin of the human race, wooden toys established their solid position in the human civilization and with the advancement of human society; great changes are marked in the varieties of wooden toys. Ever before thousand years also, wooden toys were the part of kid’s childhood. Before several decades, German toymakers designed varieties of toys from wood, and use to sell it to general public and among all the toys, toys in the shape of doll and animals were favorite and in huge demand. With the gradual passing of the time, toymakers became more innovative and created many interesting designs that included dollhouses and theaters, wooden toy soldiers, wooden trains, along with their wooden tracks, Jack in a box and many others were famous during the same time period. Wooden toys are specially designed to encourage and motivate the children, so that they use their imagination and bring out their creativity. Wooden puzzles inspire children to widen their imagination area collectively as well as it also develops fine skill of hand and eye coordination. Many other wooden toys such as pedal cars and ride on toys boost the physical skills and stamina. Wooden play creates a social and emotional development with in the child and even they hold great educational significance because of their simplicity. provides the widest variety of wooden toys such as Wooden Puzzles, Wooden Animals, Wooden Doll House, Wooden Kitchen Set and many other wooden toys of world famous brands.

Innovative and Creative Wooden puzzles:-

Toys play a significant role in the ideal growth of children, because along with parents, toys also help in the development of various skills and these skills that children learns will become a part of their foundation as they grow up. There are lots of toys available in the market and all of them are unique and posses some skills to pass on to kids, but wooden toys supply the unique benefits of enjoyment and learning at the same time. Wooden puzzles are loved by individual of all age group and are used at nursery schools, day care centers to schools, homes for the mental growth of kids. Wooden puzzles enhance the sequencing, mutual co-ordination, analytical skills, thought processing, and reasoning abilities. Wooden Toys provided by are exclusively incorporate teaching skills and also helps in developing Social skills and how to communicate with others. Wooden puzzles help out parents to introduce kids and toddlers to a variety of different subjects such as forest life, earth geography, animals and many others. provides huge varieties of wooden puzzles which include various themes such as farm and wild animals, under water ocean life, the earth and solar system, geography and a numerous of other aspects of living and life. Wooden puzzles helps school going kids to identify and learn alphabets and numbers. Several educative puzzles are available that covers a wide array of subject such as several map puzzles, including a USA, Canada, human body puzzles, forest life puzzles, the world puzzles and many others. Wooden puzzles offer something for everyone and develop a child’s sensory capability and educate matching skills. Wooden puzzles are latest edition of our traditional toy, and are designed with educational benefits. They are worth for money and it’s an activity which can be shared with family or friends that offers a tremendous sense of satisfaction when the last section is fitted.

Best Wooden Animals Toys:-

Wooden toys are with the human civilization since the origin and same is case with the animals. Animals are always found near to or around the human residence and so they are having close connection with human. Now, as animals were around the mankind, they came closer in the form of toys and in the ancient time animals toys designed form wooden toys were in huge demand. Children find an everlasting joy and excitement with his wooden toys, particularly the ones that they receive at a very early childhood days. Theses animal toys become an addition of the child’s life and child shares everything with his wooden pal, whether it’s a cheerful moment or a sad one. Wooden Animals Toys offers a great level of confidence and a deep sense of companionship to kids and they are safe and non-toxic as compared to plastic toys. Different wooden animal toys also help in learning and identifying the animal such as cat, dog, bear, pig and many other wild and aquatic animals. Wooden toys are the child’s first real friends. provides the widest varieties of wooden toys such as Wooden Tiger, Wooden Panda, Wooden Kangaroo, Wooden Black Ram, Wooden Crocodile and many more. Toys designed from wood are the true value for money, generally because they are more durable and are going to last for longer than plastic toys. Some of the wooden toys are even passed from one generation to the other and you can be assured that they don’t easily break when Kids can throw them around.

Doll Houses for Kids:-

When you have the right play set from ToysConcept, playing becomes much more fun. has the collection of some very attractive and beautiful wooden dollhouses that will bring extra pleasure to your little angels’ creative play. Doll house such as The Victorian Dollhouse has a graceful Victorian approach which has never been so affordable. Very beautifully designed doll house both internally and externally which it will be cherished for years to come. This beautiful doll house consists of several accessories that are sold along with and separate such as Bedroom Furniture Set, Nursery Furniture Set, Kitchen Furniture Set, Living Room Furniture Set, Bathroom Furniture Set, Dining Room Furniture Set, and Victorian Doll family. There are widest ranges of doll houses which have working doors, beautifully chunky furniture, and trouble-free access design for little children who love and want to play with doll house. Doll houses will make sure that the children are really putting their imagination to use and even doll house also give kids the opportunity to learn some socialization skills. Doll house teaches kids to express themselves when they are enjoying with their dollhouses on their own or with others. provides branded dollhouse such as Educo by Hape Play Dollhouse with Balcony, Melissa & Doug Multi-level Wooden Dollhouse, Educo All Season House Empty, Bamboo Sunshine Eco-friendly Dollhouse, Educo by Hape Welcome Dream house -complete With Furniture and many more. At ToysConcept Dollhouses are available in every style such as Georgian, Victorian and contemporary. Dollhouse provides a finest mode of spending time with your kid. When you construct the house, your child will be trained not only regarding architectural design, but as well regarding different fundamentals of beautification and landscaping.

Toys are the immortal and inseparable element in a child life and compared to early civilization, children today are much advanced and smarter. Since ancient time, kids loved to play with toys and in Roman and Greek civilization children are found to have played with dolls, horses, soldiers and chariots. Wooden toys do not contain poisonous PVC similar to plastic toys and wooden toys are the long-lasting toys and can generally last through generations of play. Wooden toys are made using a natural product which is opposed to a product like plastic that is harmful to the human race and we are trying to recycle but it costs less to produce new than to recycle. Plastics, painted toys and metals certainly are not high on the buyers list because they are painted with more of less toxic color and little ones are habituated to put whatever they play with in their mouths. Plastic toys get easily damaged and the sharp edges could harm loving kid whereas wooden toys, on the other hand, are more durable and does not contain any sharp edges.

Some of the Best Toys Brands provided by ToysConcept are listed below for your Child’s Creative Mind.


THE LEARNING JOURNEY TOYS – Educational Toys that Stimulates the Brain | Best Wooden Toys, Jigsaw Puzzles, Baby Toys, Preschool Toys, Online Toys for Kids

Toys are not only crafted for kids, but even adults find it peaceful and relaxing while getting busy with the toys. Toys are not only source of entertainment, but are the best source that helps parents in transforming their kids from ordinary to extraordinary kid. Toys make your kids more sensible, responsible towards society and it also increases your kid’s problem solving skills and capability. Toys are used in play by children, adults and even by pets and now day’s huge options of verities of toys are available for kids all age and background, fulfilling the needs of children and parents. As long as kid’s thoughts are concern, even your pet or a pillow can become a toy with which a kid would feel a close connection. With the increasing demand of toys in the market around the world, everyday new toys manufacturing company is popping in to the market claming to be the best and unique. With the presence of such a large number of toys manufacturing companies in the market, it creates huge confusion in the mind of parents about which toys to buy and which to avoid. Among the crowd the hundreds of toys manufacturing companies very few stands to their words of crafting intellectually and intelligent toys for brilliant growth of your kids. In the presence of hundreds of toys brands The Learning Journey, is the name of trust and quality when it comes for intellectually toys in the market. Since last sixteen years The Learning Journey has been ruling the toys world by designing and manufacturing an elite range of award-winning children’s interactive learning toys. Toys are manufactured at learning journey with the wise intention to encourage learning and build up confidence to boost a child’s potential. Toys designed and offered by The Learning Journey allow young children to discover and grown-up on physical, mental and social heights. These toys also enhance your kid’s problem solving ability and promote to play at a higher level. Games and role playing toys offered, encourages your children to play together and through these activities they learn about teamwork and sharing which are very important for building friendships. offers the wide range of learning journey toys of various categories such as Puzzles Toys, Games, Electronics, Inspirational and many others.


Learning journey puzzles are a one-stop cognitive growth and character-building activity.There are very few toys such as learning journey puzzles in the market that has the potential to educate such a diverse range of thinking skills as well as other functional skills such as tolerance and determination. Generally puzzles are defined as “A puzzle is a problem or enigma that challenges ingenuity.” And in basic type of puzzles you piece together objects in reasonable way in order to come up with some shape, picture or solution. Learning journey puzzles offer a wide range of puzzle colors, designs, graphics, and themes for us to choose from. If your child is interested in nature and animal, then there are wide ranges of puzzle with forest and underwater theme including the puzzles of specific kind of animals that focuses on one animal like dogs, fishes, butterflies, horses and many others. And if your kid loves to gaze in blue sky and want to touch the stars then there are wide series of solar system puzzles for your loving kid. Puzzles are specially designed in such a way that your kid does not feel boring or dishearten, and will ultimately encourage them to learn through play. With puzzles they learn the co-ordination of hand and eyes and also develop the quality of mutual understanding and co-operation. Puzzles offered from learning journey are made from quality material and many of these puzzles are extremely tactile, with attractive wooden shapes or smooth metal objects that weigh a fair bit. These puzzles look very beautiful and attractive, and many a times they are used for decorations or ornaments on desks or as wall piece. Puzzles develops special characteristic into your kids and learning these skills can benefit your kid at various stages of your life. Jigsaw puzzles are the source of lots of fun and they can be enjoyed by a group of people or even single. They are an amazing source to build up concentration, tolerance, and an eye for detail and so, Jigsaw puzzles are always been loved by all sort of people-both young and old. There are hundreds of exclusive jigsaw puzzles available at learning journey that are offered in different difficult levels. The number of pieces varies according to the difficulty level as some have 50 pieces and some may have more than 150 pieces. Learning Journey offers a wide varieties of puzzles of unique designs such as autumn, Christmas, dinosaurs, dragons, Earth day, Fantasy, Flowers, Homes, Landscapes, People, Ocean, Plants, Space and fairytale characters like Cinderella and Snow white and cartoon such as Mickey Mouse, and Winnie the Pooh.


Toys are the very first choice of the children of every age group and society and even parents find it interesting because now a days toy are developed as a valuable learning tools to develop and build their elementary skills. In the present duration of the time parents wish that their kid should learn while they play and so educational toys from Learning Journey is the finest option. Educational toys from Learning Journey such as Match-It Toys promote their mental, emotional, intellectual as well as physical growth while playing and having fun. There are lots of Match-It toys available at Learning Journey and they are available in different colors and shapes, which are wonder for a young mind. Matching up the shape of a block with the respective cube or piece can be a challenge, but a great reward for your young kid. After completing the matching process your child will be excited and the knowledge gained will be with them for their lives. There are massive varieties of match it toys available at to enhance your kids mental and physical such as Match It! Memory, Match It! Bingo, Match It, Match It! Dress It, Match It! Make It, Match It! Lace It, Match It! Classics and many other. These toys offer an excellent opportunity to your kid to identify the different colors on their world, along with numbers, sizes, and shapes of the items they encounter. Many child specialists around the world believe that these toys are important in the development of a child’s memory and there are various cognitive skills that have to be learned. Matching games develops the improved and longer attention span of your kids and sooner your child starts to build up the basic essential skills, the faster they will go into learning about everything.


Educational toys are generally known as toys that assist a child to learn something good, something that will help out in the future. Every Parents desires to have intelligent and smart kid and for that they start searching best education toys so that their kids start learning while they play. Selecting correct educational toys is a daunting job, because if educational toys are selected above the capability or skill of kids, it might result into frustration. Anything that provides knowledge and develops skills for learning such as Books, games, toys or animated movies can be included into the category of educational toys. provides the huge variety of educational toys for the extraordinary mental growth of your loving kids. Educational toys include various toys such as Abc Melody Maker, Techno Gears Marble Mania Vortex, Techno Gears Marble Mania Mega, Techno Gears Marble Mania Galaxy, Jumbo The Jet Shape Sorter Remote Control Airplane and many others. These educational toys enable your children to learn while they play and also assist your children to acquire diverse skills and enhance their current mental strength while having fun. These educational toys presented by The Learning Journey are the partners of parents in raising smarter kids that moves ahead. These toys pave ways to quicker learning of children with innovative skills. These toys are the most effective, most natural, and the best technique of educating children through play. Educational toys not only endorse developmental ability in children but it also facilitates children to acquire and improve essential life skills. All the desired quality can be cultivated into your kids such as creativity, self-confidence, independence, responsibility, and integrity through the use these educational toys.

The Learning Journey has set a target – To supply an opportunity to offer each parent reasonable, best quality educational materials to guarantee a successful start of their loving young one. Each and Every Learning Journey’s toys and puzzles enhance learning and increase confidence as they improve a child’s potential. This leading Toy brand specializes in products that combine best quality material with the finest innovations and hence these toys help spelling, math, counting and more. offers the widest range of branded toys for kids of every age and has revolutionized the baby & kids toys stores online with its insistence on baby & kids friendly materials. Topmost care is taken by for the products to have simplicity, educational values, versatility, comfort and safety with a huge range of products in all range & categories.

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