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Lego is a Danish toys manufacturing brand which was established in the year 1934 and at present, Lego is a toy brand that resembles the quality toys. Lego is Denmark based toys manufacturing company which was started by Ole Kirk Christiansen, and the name LEGO was derived by combining Danish Word “LEG GODT” that mean “Play Well”. Lego Toys are loved by not only kids but even by the parents of every age and culture as they were the most resourceful medium for the healthy mental and physical growth. Lego is the brand name that has something almost for everyone, and their eternal creative minds are persistently at work coming up with new creations to make sure kids always have educational fun. Aiming different age groups of kids, Lego introduced various themed and designer toys sets, but among all Lego Duplo line well known series of all. In the year 1960, they started manufacturing building block targeting the children of the different age groups and this brought about the Lego Duplo Building Blocks which were aimed at the youngest group of kids. This non dangerous and amazing invention was very useful as they were twice the in height, width and length as compared to the original creation, which made them more convenient for tiny hands of kids. Specially designed for the kids of various age groups, these toys were completely safe and easy to build three dimensional designs as it comprises of building instruction manuals in every box set. Introduction of Duplo brand has expanded the definite play themes. Lego introduced Duplo sets that were specially designed for toddlers with the age varying from 18 months to 5 years, which consist of eight times larger Lego bricks. Various other creations of bricks sets such as train sets, dinosaur lairs, farm and ranch themes and more are presented by Lego. Lego has partnered with many famous cartoons and other animated series such as Bob the Builder from the famous TV series and many others. These four feature Bob, Scoop and all Bob’s friends.

There are many Lego Duplo toys and LEGO Duplo Lego City Fire Station is the kind of toy that offers fun and entertainment again and again, as it contains sufficient amount of pieces for making your day interesting. The set is really well thought out with a Build a Fire Station, Fire Truck and Rescue Truck and it also includes 4 firefighter mini figures and cool accessories along with fire hydrant and a hose to put out the fires. The Fire Station set is truly well designed and kid friendly. Lego Duplo City Fir Station offers a wonderful chance to parents to enjoy time with their child, in addition to it they can pass on a few lessons about fire safety. Lego Duplo Fire station provides an opportunity to develop the skill such as organization, cooperation and allotment of tasks, negotiations, and even an occasional compromise. Lego Duplo Toys offers an opportunity of learn while you play. In the year 2009, Pixar Animation Studios announced that Lego can manufacture the sets that feature scenes and characters from their films, as part of the Duplo range. The first range released consist of scenes form the movie Toy Story and Cars which was known as Duplo Toy Story Toys. This Set Toy story toys was recommended for the kids of age three and more and was also aimed to small builders with huge imagination. Duplo pieces are larger compared to regular Lego brick, and so its easy to fix to one another. Lego launched four Toy Story Duplo Sets in May 2010 as the first wave in the stores, which range from 13 to 39 pieces at most affordable cost. Duplo Toy Story toy set consist the smallest one Jessie’s Roundup characterizes both Jessie and Bullseye, along with two larger one Alien Space Crane and The Great Train Chase. Compared to other toys available in the market, Duplo Toy Story toys are longer term investment for a child as kids can play with them for years.


Aiming the young and the beginner builder, Lego developed Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box which was for the children of age 1 to 5 years. This set also contains window frame, a little book with building guide and a wagon base with wheels. This Lego set is ideally designed for the young mind as bricks are offered come in wide range of colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, black, and white that will stimulate your kid’s mind as they learn to recognize various shades. These toys are hygienic as they are washable, does not contain any lead component and as they are larger in size, it also avoids choking hazards. Building games are ideal for kids, as they help the child to learn motor skills and enhance hand and eye coordination. There Lego toys are made of vivid permanent colors and this color does not fade with the time. Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box teaches kids regarding the size and shapes as they are available in shapes such as square, rectangular, triangular and every brick has small circles at the top. Lego Duplo Bricks Box consist of various bricks boxes such as Lego Duplo Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box, Lego Bricks & More My First Lego Duplo Set, Lego Bricks & More Builders Of Tomorrow Set, Lego Duplo Green Baseplate, Lego Blue Building Plate, Lego Bricks & More Airport Building Set and many more. There is no worry about loosing the pieces of the brick box as this set are packed in a big plastic tub with a transparent lid which helps you to keep all the bricks in one place. Lego Duplo Deluxe Brick Box is educational and enjoyable for not only kids but even for parents.

Lego is the most valuable name in the toys world as it has put lots of efforts in designing and manufacturing quality toys sets for the kids of every age and group. Lego toys educate and entertain for years and it also develops hand eye coordination and creative design. LEGO Toys are easy yet acceptable in nature as of their design and attractive color blend, which you wouldn’t get with any other toy. Since the date of its establishment Lego has designed and manufactured hundreds of toys and play sets over the year that comprises of City Harbor, medieval castles, robots, and Ninjago Toys and lots of other inventive toys. The company proved huge potential and advance its supremacy in the toy market by partnering with companies that own super franchises such as Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Star Wars, and, of course, Batman. Today, Lego is one of the most renowned kid’s toys manufacturing company in the whole world and all this started from a bunch of plastic blocks.

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