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Lego was established in year 1934 in Denmark and with the date of establishment, Lego is know for designing and producing innovative and educational toys for the kids of all age and culture. Lego was started by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Denmark citizen and he named the company by combining two Danish words “LEG and GODT” which meant “Play Well”. Lego is known for providing the quality toys that provides not only pleasure, but has huge educational benefits which is required for academic growth of kids. Lego toys are so, intellectual and interactive that they are considered to be the best source to educate and socialize the growing mind of the kids. Lego is the toys manufacturing company that has toys, which satisfies the requirement of each and everyone and their everlasting creative minds are persistently at work coming up with new designs to make sure children always have educational fun. Lego is well known for creating reputed toys of motion pictures like Star Wars, Prince of Persia, Batman and Harry Potter of fine quality and pleasure. Children really enjoy the designs of Lego movie model as it delivers the smallest facts of the movie. Lego has produced wide series of toys, targeting the kids of all age group, but among all the sets, Lego Harry Potter toys sets are highly acclaimed and accepted by the children of all age. Harry Potter is an amazing fable, and to celebrate the success of Harry Potter, Lego has brought out an original collection of Harry Potter Toys sets for gifts to please even the most serious Harry Potter buff. There are large collections of Harry Potter sets presented by Lego such as Hogwarts castle, Hagrid’s castle and several more.


Harry Potter was no doubt among the best movie series of the decade, as it enchanted whole world including kids and adults of every age and society. With the regular release of Harry Potter movies and books, it maintained its mysteries magic among the viewers around the world. People were suffering form potter mania, as they all were enchanted by the magical mysteries that were unfold in the most amazing ways, which hold the audiences for every second of the movie.  The success of Harry Potter series can be estimated from the fact that, Harry Potter series was translated in the 67 languages across the world. Since the date of release Harry Potter movies and books has been the ruling the heart of not only kids around the word, but even adult have gone mad after Harry potter’s magical spell. Harry Potter movie series were highly acclaimed by the people around the planet and this huge craze of people about the movie converted into the business of more than 30 million dollars by generating vast line of items such as Harry Potter toys, games, apparel and other items of the Harry Potter brand. Movies of Harry potter was so hit that children were addicted on the life of little Harry and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley. Lego Company grabbed the opportunity and presented the wide series of Harry potter toys based on the movies especially for those who loved Harry Potter and his friends. Movie series of Harry Potter was so interesting, that not only kids but even adult never missed a single part of Harry Potter movie or book. Lego produced vast range of superbly made Harry Potter, which suited the requirement of kids of every age and culture. provides the huge range of Lego Harry Potter toys such as Lego Harry potter freeing dobby, Lego Harry Potter hagrid’s hut, Lego Harry potter hogwarts castle, Lego Harry potter hogwart’s express, Lego Harry potter quidditch match, Lego hero factory drilldozer and many other exciting sets.

There are some very popular Harry Potter Lego sets such as the Hogwarts Castle, the Hogwarts Express, the burrow, hagrid’s hut and these sets are very attractive and generate the frequently used and well known locations in the films. Lego provides Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle which is definitely the largest of the Harry Potter sets and this castle set consists of many fabulous details that will delight and astonish you every single moment when you construct it. Harry Potter castle set is a fabulous gift for all Harry Potter lovers as it gives an amazing opportunity to discover tom riddles diary, peep into the library of Hogwarts castle, can walk through the astronomy tower, enter the clock tower, and search for the dementors and many other excitement. There are mini figures of Flitwick and Argus Filch Lord Voldemort, Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and two Dementors which can be moved into the several locations of the castle. Hagrid was a giant grounds keeper and one of the well wisher and good friend of Harry Potter, who lived in the hut that was closer to School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lego Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut is one of the most admired elements of Harry Potter sets and it’s a wonderful gift for kids and fans who loves Harry’s adventures. Amazing Hagrid’s hut is a wonderful set new generation and its absolute fun putting it together. Everything which is associated with Harry Potter is famous right now, and along with Hogwarts castle and Hagrid’s hut, Hogwarts Express is very famous among the kids. Hogwarts Express is the train that departs on yearly basis from the platform number 9 ¾, to bring all the students back to the Hogwarts castle. Lego has developed this Harry Potter Hogwarts Express in such a magnificent way that you will experience the real scene of the movie as it includes the blue car of Mr. Weasley. Along with locomotive, this set consist of mini figures of Harry and Ron along with Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy who can be place in passenger compartment.

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