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Melissa and Doug are among the prominent and promising name in the toys designing and manufacturing companies all around the earth. As they are into this business since last several decades, and they best realize the requirement of toys all around the society for the shopper satisfaction. They deal with the designing and manufacturing of not only entertainment and humorous toys, but are also recognized for the creating educational toys, which enhance your kid’s excellence. No matter whatever you pick from Melissa and Doug toys, quality and fun will be a guarantee. Melissa and Doug toys collection has grown over the years by huge amount. This outstanding toy company started its journey with the dream to produce standard toys, as there were none existing. The very first toy was a fuzzy farm puzzle. Being world’s most promising toys manufacturing company, Melissa & Doug deals in the designing and manufacturing numerous educational and entertainment toys, which has changed the way of thinking and living of the young generation. Melissa and Doug Toy Company was established in the year1988, by the duo of husband and wife in their basement. Melissa and Doug Bernstein are responsible for the revolution that came into the toys market. Melissa & Doug have given their valuable time and creativity in producing the useful toys and they are on the job of manufacturing the toys that produces smiles on the face of every human being. This duo of husband and wife produced the line of toys that were not only entertaining, but also were also having huge educational values. At Melissa and Doug toys were designed and crafted with the intention to make each and every child a happy and everlasting member of the Melissa & Doug family. Toys are not only designed and manufactured but, even care regarding material and design, so that toys are user friendly and harmless to kids and infant. There are plenty of smart toys offered by Melissa and Doug, but doll houses are still holding their place in the heart of parents and kids. Melissa and Doug Doll House has the capacity to refresh the memories of childhood for many parents and they are crafted out of solid wood for longevity and durability, so years of delight without break.

Melissa and Doug Doll House:-

Melissa and Doug are highly admired toys manufacturing company by the parents all around the world because they are the only toys producer that helps the growth responsible citizen of the society. There are widest varieties toys produced by Melissa and Doug and each of them guarantees the quality and fun. Doll House is one of the most beneficial innovations at Melissa and Doug, as dollhouse as sturdy and offers a perfect play to the kids of every age and group. Doll House is an interesting play set for kids of all ages and hence kids can spend many hours on their own, and with pals, placing their dolls in the relaxed places, at the dining table, or at the kitchen or any other place of their choice. There are endless possibilities with doll house and this role play will enhance their thinking capacity, problem solving ability and boost their social skills through interaction with others. Entrance or playing openings are adequate big for children’s tiny hands to play and as there are several opening, it facilitates the play of many children to play in the house at the same time. There are many master piece of doll house presented by Melissa and Doug, and one among them is Victorian Doll House. Specially designed for the kids of age 6 and above, Victorian Dollhouse is a beautifully decorated piece with a scale of 1:12. This doll house represents the true Victorian era, both internally and externally, and excellent quality dollhouse can be cherished for coming generation.

Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse is the perfect choice for the kids and preschooler, which features 5 large rooms, 2 changeable staircases, 5 working exterior doors, and 19 pieces of hand-painted furniture. A portable 2-storey Furnished Doll House consist 18 solid wooden furniture, a doll family of four, a detachable atrium with balcony, and characteristics hinged and sliding doors that work. The Melissa and Doug Wooden Furnished Dollhouse are made of very good quality wood and fine, spongy fabric. The Melissa and Doug Wooden Deluxe Furnished Dollhouse are made of finest quality material and with four colorful dolls, 18 unique pieces of furniture. Smooth sliding opening doors, several windows, and large size openings permits relocation of the furniture and dolls to be carried out with no trouble and in total safety. You can choose from any set such as Caucasian Family Doll House, Black family and Asian family. Melissa and Doug doll houses are well designed and constructed, flexible, enjoyable and safe to use product. provide the widest collection of Melissa and Doug toys such as Arts and Crafts Supplies, Melissa and Doug Building Blocks, Floor Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzles, Classic Puzzles, Games and Toys, Dollhouses and Accessories, Melissa and Doug First Play Soft Toys and Wooden Toys, Puppets and Stuffed Animals and whole range of Melissa and Doug toys for kids. With the presence huge varieties of toys at toysconcept, being parents you can be confident that your children would not end up without toys to play. All these toys are long lasting, with finest quality and at most affordable price provides the toys that will pass the trial of time, so that parents can give their child years of delight. Buying toys for children should occupy serious consideration because toys play a significant role in the growth of kids. Toys at Toysconcept come with the perfect combination of fun and education, and it also assure the safety of children as toys are made of eco friendly material. Toys are needed for the sound development of kids as they improve their spatial analysis skills, promote creativity, enhance their way of communication with other children, and advance their memory. At you can buy affordable and long lasting toys online for all age groups at very affordable rates. Toys are offered in an ample variety of colors and styles you could choose, depending on your financial plan and for younger children or for skilled hobbyists.

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