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Melissa and Doug toys are a great gift for your loving kid as all of the Melissa and Doug toys are the finest learning tools and are beautifully designed. There are a wide variety of diverse toys for all of the different ages and phases of childhood. Melissa and Doug toys comprises a collection of huge variety of toys including classic toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, food play, arts and crafts, baby and toddler toys, games, puppets, trains and much more. Melissa and Doug Toys consist of a resourceful collection of toys to assist your child’s mental grow. Your child and you can take pleasure in playing with toys. Melissa and Doug is the promising name in the toy developing companies all around the earth. As they are indulged in this business since last many decades, they best identify the requirement of toys all around the planet for the satisfaction. They deal with the innovation and generating of not only entertainment and comical toys, but are recognized for the manufacturing of educational toys that develops your kids with excellence. No matter what you chose from Melissa and Doug toys, quality and fun will be a certainty. Melissa and Doug toys selection has grown over the years by huge amount. This toy company started out with the dream to produce class toys because there were none existing. The company was founded by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in their basement in the year1988 and after that, the world is aware about the revolution that passed across the planet in the field of toys. Melissa & Doug have donated their valuable time in crafting the useful toys and they are on the job of creating the toys that produces the smile on the face of every human being earth. This smart and cool duo of husband and wife generated a line of toys that are not only fresh and tough are also educational and brilliant. Toys were produced by the Melissa & Doug with the intention to make its each and every customer a happy and permanent member of the Melissa & Doug family. This pair of husband and wife was presented various awards for the generating of the abundant masterpieces of toys by the top parenting magazines. Toys wear not only planned and produced but, were also taken care of material and design of the toys that would be a user friendly and harmless to kids and infant. The toys produced at Melissa & Doug, were extremely inspiring, educative and encouraging for the young generation around the planet.


The Melissa and Doug Company is a formed by husband and wife and it has completed more than 20 years in providing quality children’s products that have helped form lasting memories. Each and every product created by Melissa and Doug provide a valuable educational experience for young minds just learning about the world and their place in it. There are wide varieties of educational toys and games available at Melissa and Doug for healthy mental and physical growth of your loving kid. Melissa and Doug Games are not only the source of entertainment but are much more than playthings for children. These quality products by Melissa and Doug helps kids to learn to play games, children modify other life abilities like cooperating with others, way of thinking, decision-making and out come of choices. Games offer hours of educative play and as small kids become grown-up; their game choice tends to become more multifaceted and active oriented. This is the reason, games from Melissa & Doug Toys begins with the classics and expands to complex games that are best for your kids’ absolute mental growth. Memory games by Melissa and Doug is the game which is suitable for the kids of all age and society. provide the widest collection of the Melissa and Doug Learning games such as Melissa & Doug Sandwich Stacking Games, Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Hangman, Melissa & Doug Block Balancing Games, Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Bingo, Melissa & Doug Flip To Win Memory and many more quality games. Educational values are unique and there’s no additional charge for the pleasure that your kids will receive from the toys and they grow to cherish.


Melissa and Doug also deals in the manufacturing of creative and amazing magic tricks set, with the help of which your child can surprise and surprise their friends with feats of magic. provides the huge collection of Melissa and Doug magic tricks sets which can help your child make the unbelievable happen. provides Melissa and Doug Discovery Magic Set as this wooden magic trick set has four easy to learn tricks that any new magician can learn. This magic set consist of tricks and illusions such as the Magic Jewel Box, the thread that changes color just in front of everyone’s eyes, the Chamber of Illusions, and the Sword and the Stone. This is an astonishing magic set for a child to own and perform with. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set is another master piece which comprises of ten tricks and this magic set is put collectively very nicely. It consists of some mind reading tricks, that aren’t that ordinary in magic kits geared towards kids. It also comprises a change bag and a multi-colored scarf, two tools that magicians uses. Another superb magic set from Melissa and Doug is the Incredible Illusion Magic Set, as it’s the funny way for a little magician to boost confidence in them, and mounting their motor skills. This magic set consists of 5 tricks that are ready to astonish the spectators. This magic set consist of magic tricks such as the Wizards Wonder, the Mystery Cube, the notorious Dragon Den, the Magical Box and the glasses that make things disappear. Apart from this there are many other many magic sets offered by Melissa and Doug that are best to set your kid as young magician.

Toys are the everlasting part and best pal of kids during the childhood days and should be taken care that kids are offered with the inventive and resourceful toys, which improves their complete mental and physical growth. Online Toys Market is greatly poured with the Hundreds of toys selling stores, but very few are indulged in the sincere business of intellectual and physical growth of your loving child. Focusing and accepting the need of smart and intelligent toys of present generation; TOYS CONCEPT is glad and happy to provide the superior and most attractive version branded toys at most reasonable price. At, there are numerous collections of branded and educative toys. Theses toys will support your kids reading and numerical literacy and will also enhance some basic Skills, which assist children to learn and reinforce such important skills as telling time, phonics, and handwriting. also provides huge varieties of toys that offer a pleasurable means to learn professionally. Along with the educational toys, other sources such as books, educational games, animated movies and toys are also supportive in crafting young minds.

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